Monday, April 23, 2012

.when we sabatoge ourselves.

As my previous post tells, I had a great week last week.  I actually worked the entire week and for me, that is a victory.  So it's quite depressing to find myself at home this Monday morning.  However, it's no ones fault but my own.

My husband has been in California visiting his brother and came home last night.  We were both tired and curled up in the bed to watch a movie and just enjoy being back together.  Because I almost always sleep on a heating pad, I also almost always sleep with the window beside my bed cracked open because the heating pad makes me hot.  So when we curled up last night I opened the window. 

I had every intention of getting up later and closing it when I got ready for bed.  But that never happened.  I guess we were both exhausted and so we fell asleep and I didn't wake up until about 4 am.  By then the damage had been done.  Not only was my window cracked, but the temperature had dropped about 25*;  my heating pad was off and I had gone to sleep without taking my pain medication.  A triple whammy.

So this morning I woke up with a right hip that said "Oh hell no!!" when I tried to get up and walk.  Why?  Why did I make this simple mistake?  I know better.  I know what happens when I go to bed without taking my meds; I know what the cold can do to my bones. 

Was it just that I was so content to be back in my husband's arms again?  I have to admit it, after 5 days it did feel good to be back in the arms of the one who makes me feel safe. 

But I'm so angry at myself for making such a beginners mistake in health care.  SO what have I learned?  I now have one of the alarms on my cell phone set for 11:00 pm to make sure that if I do fall asleep I have ample time to get up, take my meds, turn on the heating pad and crack the window.

A tough price today to pay; but hopefully a lesson learned for the future!

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