Sunday, April 15, 2012

.my tomorrow is gone.

That's the one thing I've learned.  We always say "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow; It can wait until tomorrow; Tomorrow is the day I'll start."  My tomorrow has been stolen away from me.  I no longer have the chance to start things tomorrow.  I have to begin making my changes now.  Today.

I take 8 prescription medications.  One has to be taken on an empty stomach; an hour before I eat.  One has to be taken with food.  One has to be taken 2 hours after I eat.  One can't be taken with the other.  It's crazy!!  I've always TRIED to take them how I'm supposed to.  Here and there I'd get it right; but more often than not, it was a miss.  I no longer have that luxury.  Now I've set all 5 alarms on my cell phone to match my medication doses.  I sat down and actually drew out a schematic to figure out what needed to be taken when and then adjusted my alarms to match.  I'm telling you, it was no easy task! 

I've been going to give up cokes.  I've cut back here and there but was still averaging at least three 12 oz cans of coke a day.  I love love love coke!!  But it to has to go.  The sugar; the caffeine; all the empty calories.  It does absolutely nothing positive for my health.  It will be replaced with milk; with juice and with water.  Things that will do a body good!

I have to start eating and eating healthy.  I kid you not when I tell you that this is my nearly daily menu:  breakfast: toast and a coke; lunch: frozen tv dinner and a coke; dinner: toast and a coke.  If I have a snack during the day it's usually chips or a rice krispies treat from the vending machine at work and if I have a snack at night, it's toast.  I literally go through 4 loaves of bread a week.  But I'm not getting any nutrition.  Other than the little that I get in the frozen tv dinner I have for lunch, very little nutrition.  So I have to start eating fruits and vegetables; drinking juice and milk will help but I also have to start making meals.  A real dinner.  Oh my husband will be so thrilled!!!  Get up in the morning and have a healthy breakfast.  Maybe some eggs or oatmeal; a piece of fruit.  Pack a healthy lunch and not just have a frozen tv dinner.  Again incorporating fruit and veggies and protein. 

And finally I have to get back to exercising.  I can't believe how much I was doing a year ago.  Walking daily; sometimes running; doing weights; going for bike rides with my daughter; going swimming in the summer; going on hikes in the forest.  In the past 6 months I've done nothing.  My body has had neither the energy nor been free enough from pain to allow me to be out and about moving.  Now I will say that I've been lucky enough to only have put back on a few pounds but that doesn't change the fact that my "fit" status has gone from oh......let's say a 7 to a 0.  It's going to be baby steps; just like it was in the very beginning.  It's going to hurt; I'm going to be tired but it's going to make me better in the long run.

SO there's no time to wait for tomorrow.  What the poster above is so absolutely true.  My health is not going to improve.  It will just continue to decline.  Unless I want to keep feeling the way I do now; unless I want to continue to watch my health decline on a very rapid scale; I have to throw away tomorrow and program my mind to the knowledge that I only have today.  One day at a time; one step at a time. 

My health won't wait until tomorrow!

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